National Center for Forest Therapy is a forest welfare complex that is established to improve people’s health and increase quality of life by using abundant forest resources of the Baekdudaegan Mountain Ridge.
National Forest Health Center not only provides a forest healing service, but also educates manpower specializing in forest healing, develops products related to forest healing, and expands the culture of forest healing.

Purpose of Business

  • To improve people’s health through the healing effect of the forest.
  • To provide a foundation for industrializing forest healing throughthe combination of forest experiences, research, and educational functions.
  • To provide a model for an equal development of the Baekdudaegan region.

Business Summary

  • Location/Area: 288ha of Yeongju/Yaecheon District Gyeongsangbuk-do(Central Facility Area 152ha)
  • Period : 2010 - 2016 (for 7 years)

Business progression

  • December 2007 Selected as a Presidential Policy Commitment business
  • September 2008 Selected as one of the 30 leading projects of Regional Economic Power of the Presidential Committee on Balanced National Development
  • June 2012 Completed basic design and enforcement design
  • October 2012 Started constructing the facility
  • November 2015 Facility construction completed
  • December 2016 Additional Construction (Forest Healing Cultural Center, a bypass is currently under construction)